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Blog July 16, 2018

The Prostitution of ICOs for 5 minutes of fake fame

What’s wrong with ICO event organizers The other day, an ICO pitch event organizer stressed to me that some of the ICOs I am working with should join his tour. He had a whole presentation prepared regarding which ICOs he has worked with and how many millions they have raised. On the sidelines, he mentioned

Blog June 16, 2018

The Revolution is Already Happening: Exchanging Value via Blockchain

Blockchain is the underlying technology behind cryptocurrencies, and unless you have been isolated on a remote island without wifi, you know it has been all over the press recently. The internet allows Information to be exchanged cheaply, quickly, easily and on a global scale; with blockchain technology, the same can be said about “exchanging value”.

Blog May 15, 2015

How to supercharge your Networking as a Startup Enthusiast

Whether you’re just starting off as a young introverted entrepreneur or you are already a pro who has set the mark and is now looking for your next big venture, one can always improve one’s approach to network. Sometimes people see networking as a bad thing, but what it really is and how it should

Blog March 30, 2014

When Social Media Meets Crypto Currency

The world’s first crypto coin which is dedicated to tipping on social media. Have you ever wanted to give a little “thank you” to all the people helping you on twitter? Or the fans following and retweeting your tweets? We are all familiar with the following situation; you’re planning a trip with your fiancé for

Blog April 22, 2013

The Future of Real-Time Social Media Integration at Events

Event organizers already use social media to promote their events, concerts or conferences before and after the event. But those post are often generic and lack of true user engagement. What they neglect is leveraging the on-site experience of the audience into the digital sphere by providing a convenient way of sharing with their friends.

Blog September 5, 2012

Braun vs. Apple: Is copying designs theft or innovation?

Braun’s biggest victory over Apple underscores a central economic issue: What is the right balance between competition and opting? Does anyone own a shape? Should anyone own a shape? These questions may should absurd, but they are  at the heart of U.S. patent laws Battle of the Titans: Braun vs. Apple. On Aug. 24, a

Blog March 9, 2012


I will discuss recent events happen that some of you may have experienced as well and wondered. I am not 100% sure if it is that way, but there may is something more today’s consumers are not fully aware of: obsolescence. Regarding manufacturing, in general, there is one critical point  always relevant—what is, the quality