I mean you already got some good coverage several of the Tech and Startup related blogs and are aware how to reach out to them. And we all know the feeling when we see our company be named on sites like techcrunch or thenextweb to just name a view. Well Isn’t this just enough Public Relation for your startup? No it isn’t and there are some simple reasons which I will present to you and how to adress and find the right blogs and media outlets for your product.

The danger 

First of all it is always great to get some coverage of your startup in the media and we all like to show our friends and other entrepreneurs we got mentioned on the Big Blogs and how well we are funded or which exciting product we have in development or how we are going forward with our UXDesign or A/B testing approach and the experience made with it. But be aware all the Media and PR which tells the story about your company in most cases does not reach your audience beside you are providing a product which adresses other startups, investors or wannabe entrepreneurs and early adoptors.   Yes they will click through most likely to your site and maybe as well register but are they really the customers your product is for. Most of the Tech and Startup related blogs are blogs read by the community and they are good to impress your angel investors and all the people involved in your company as they motivate the spirit.

What you most likely forget and should be aware of

But be aware this is not enough in the long run and you should as well sell your startups product and not only your startups story and progress itself. In most cases your audience will not be on this sites to read them and you are lucky if one of the bloggers or media persons bing an influencer in your space picks up from this blogs and may or may not write something about you. So you need to go out and sell as well to industry related blogs and media publications your startups product. These Blogs are mostly highly interested to get good tipps and hints for there readers and let them know about your awesome new product which helps them to improve.

An example

Let’s asume you are a Startup wich develops a tool which helps SME’s to better track the sales funnel. I bet it would be as well pretty clear for you that your audience mainly will not be on techcrunch or is reading Startupblogs frequently . So go out there and find the blogs and media outlets which are adressing exactly the audience which you would like to reach and spent as well as much effort to service them with proper PR materials and updates on your product than you would do with on of the blogs writing about Startups and Technology.


How to adress the right media for your Startups product

So you would maybe ask how to find them and how to adress them. It is pretty simple and works more or less the same way you are already familiar with. Go and network about with them via Twitter or at specific Events which are held for your customers audience and be aware what interrests them and as sad as it sounds they do not be interrested which technolgoy you use or how execelent funded you are they care the most about your product. You should do this steps early on as this helps as well for the vision and reefing your startups product as they more or less will give you a brutal hones feedback if the money they have to pay for your service or product is worth it.

What you should take out of my words:

“Its multiple times more effective and helps your startup more that you focus to be mentioned in the market segments media you are in  than to be on one of the big techblogs with your fundraising story.”

Smarter is Better

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